About Hellion

When we embarked on our voyage to create the smoothest, most invigorating nitro cold brewed coffee around, we set our sights on an old Turkish proverb, telling ourselves the perfect glass should be “black as hell, strong as death, & sweet as love.” 

Putting our hearts and souls toward this lofty goal, we present to you Hellion Cold Brew. This coffee will delight the senses, awaken your spirit & add a vibrant pep to your step. At Hellion, we pride ourselves on cold brewing a sweet and delicious drink that is perfectly enjoyed straight up, but is equally as good with a splash of cream or mixed in an adventurous craft cocktail. Enjoy!


Want Hellion?

Are you a Restaurant, Grocer, Specialty Cafe or Hotel? We offer Hellion Cold Brew in 12 oz Heritage bottles (24 count + also available in 4 packs) and also in 5 gallon kegs as Regular, Nitro & Single Origin. 

To schedule a visit, send us a request and we will contact you shortly.  


Nitro, Regular & Single Origin

"Cold brew," also known as "cold press" or "toddy coffee," is brewed without heat over a long period of time. We craft our well-loved version by steeping freshly roasted coffee at room-temperature water over the course of sixteen hours in order to fully extract the richest, deepest flavors and most silky body from the coffees. We then use a double filtration process to produce the end result: a complex, smooth, sweet brew that is full bodied with bright juiciness, low acidity & a long chocolatey finish. 



Our Nitrogenated Cold Brew on tap cascades into a beautiful, creamy foam head and has the thick, smooth mouthfeel of a draft stout. Naturally sweet-tasting, low in acidity, & with intensely velvety consistency, this is a truly special way to drink your Cold Brew & kick your day up a notch.



Our Original Cold Brew blend has the deep, smooth and round flavors that offer a pronounced chocolate, cherry and caramel, nutty flavor that hits the spot. Enjoy our Original Cold Brew straight up or even with a splash of cream.


single origin 

Our Single Origin Cold Brew coffees are made to order using only those current, in season, single origin coffees on our menu. The idea is to craft a cold brew that will yield those wild & colorful flavors found in our single origin coffees, which are often complex & fruit-forward. 

Hellion Cold Brew Nitro, Regular or Single Origin is MADE BY HUMANS.